Agile Project Management

A project organisation is a dynamic system where resource distribution, problems, decisions and interaction constantly change the conditions for all projects in the portfolio.

Agile Pulse App


Allows Project Managers or Program Managers to follow the health status of their projects.

Parmatur App


For project business and product development. Allows the managers to see the health status of their project portfolio and calculated completion dates for the running projects.

The Parmatur app supports behavior that will shorten development time and maximize throughput and profitability.

The app will promote you to:

  • Divide up the work into smaller tasks.
  • Assign a project team where some members work full-time.
  • Conduct frequent pulse meetings for coordination and decisions.

The app will give you a project health check overview.

The Project Manager will enter weekly reports on completed sub-results.

Does the project deliver enough sub-results per week to be completed on time?

The app will give you a estimated completion date based on the current rate.

The management team can follow the overall progress in the projects and get early warnings on any potential delays.

Project portfolio overview. Will the project be completed on time?